The "Solve it with SimScale" Project


The Mission

The “Solve it with SimScale” Project is an effort to create industry-relevant simulations using SimScale. The open model of collaboration among SimScale’s community of users is the basis of development, maximizing the number of engineering minds working to solve these challenging simulation problems on the SimScale Platform.

Who can take part?

The “Solve it with SimScale” Project welcomes all SimScalers wishing to contribute their engineering skills to solve complex simulation projects and share their results with the rest of the Community. No matter if you are a topic expert, hobbyist, or a student who would like to improve his or her knowledge of engineering simulation with project-based learning, the door is open.

Simulation Cases

Anyone participating in Solve it With SimScale will have the chance to simulate a case suggested by our engineering team but in a period of 30 days. If you deliver the simulation in 30 days you get prizes. There will be only one “winner” per case. That’s a great opportunity to keep motivated and learn more about simulations!

These are 3 different cases chosen by our engineering team to be finished between 1st and 30th of April:

  1. CFD Analysis to Optimize Basement Car Parking Ventilation System using Jet Fans (CFD)
  2. Thermal Management of an LED Light Engine for Airborne Applications (FEM)
  3. Predicting Convection and Phase Change while Optimizing Thermal Packaging Design (Thermal Analysis)

In addition to those cases above, you will find a list of simulation cases. Each case is based on scientific literature and contains all of the information you need to set up the simulation, including descriptions of the geometry (if you need to download or create it), boundary conditions, results, and important references.

What are the prizes?

SimScale certificate, t-shirt, mug and fame in our Community. :wink:

How to present your results

The results should be presented as a SimScale public project, that includes a full explanation of the results based on the literature provided and images of how the results were achieved (pre-processing, simulation designer and post-processing details).

Example 1 \rightarrow CFD of cross ventilated building by @rpapa

Example 2 \rightarrow NASA Turbulence Modelling Verification by @pfernandez

Join Us!

Like what you see and want to get involved? Get started in 3 easy step:

  1. Choose the case that you would like to work on.

  2. Send an email to with your name, SimScale user ID and the case you have picked to simulate.

  3. Start working on the project and we will follow up with you regularly in case you need any help along the way.

[FINISHED] Tapered Beam Snap Fit
[FINISHED] Modeling of Gas Distribution in an Indoor Space

\underline{\textbf{Winners of the "Solve it with SimScale" Project}}



Too bad that I missed it. Would there be one again soon?


Hey @yuxiangwang!

Cool that you are interested in our nice little “competition” :slight_smile: :+1: We have three projects each month as listed above. Please choose a project either from CFD, FEM or Thermal analysis and feel free to contact me in case you need help with the setup. A good approach is to have a look at similar projects in the public projects section and see how those were set up. And do not get desperate :wink: We still have the search function in our forum so no worries there!

Good luck and happy SimScaling!



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