Finding spanwise lift distribution in SimScale/ParaView


I am a relatively new user to SimScale and I am still figuring things out.

My question is does anybody know how to figure the spanwise lift distribution of a wing in SimScale or ParaView?

Thank you in advance.

Hi egeorgiev,

thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.
Do you have a link to your project,
and what kind of result do you expect an image or numerical values?

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Hi egeorgiev,
Here is one way to get a spanwise lift profile, but I’m sure there are more sophisticated ways.
I see in your Results control area you are already using the ability to capture the forces on the plane, but I think it was for the whole craft. This time you have to capture forces for each section of the wing & hence create multiple point, then plot the results.

If you break up the wing into sections you can get the lift & drag forces for each section. Then plot the spanwise lift & drag for each section. Obviously the more sections the more accurate your spanwise lift profile will be. Oh, & whilst in your CAD program collect the frontal and surface areas to allow you to calculate the drag and lift coefficients.

I noticed this Public project which break up a wing airfoil to look at the forces and drag on each part around the airfoil, ie by the looks of it T1 to T7 being possibly the top of the airfoil

Oh, I noticed on the plane Regional refinement box was not around the craft on the Model I looked at that you did some 14 days ago.

Best of luck with your simulations.

Thank you, I will try this approach.

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Any idea what is the name of the Project because when I slice my cad model with a construction plane SimScale gives me the following error?: Geometry contains faults.

This geometry contains faults and cannot be used for simulation. Please resolve all faults. In case of questions, please reach out to support or ask in the forum.

Hi egeorgiev
Just saw your post today as I’m on leave & here is the link to the project I mentioned earlier, took me awhile to find it again.
Project label; Foil Force profile Ch10 11 deg Incompressible

I noticed you can download a file of the cad, but I could not check to see if it opens as I’m not running correct software on this portable laptop to open. So good luck. Oh the name of the project person is chuckwilcox

Than you so much, you are a hero.

I will do what I can with the project you send me.

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