Find volumetric flow over an area

I’m doing a fluid simulation with 1 inlet and 1 outlet, a defined velocity inlet at 10 m/s, and a defined pressure outlet at 0 Pa. I’m having trouble figuring out if you can find the volumetric flow rate across the inlet or outlet. Is there any way that I could do this?

Hi @cmcelm,

  • Trivial case is when you know the area (A) of your inlet, as volumetric flow will be A * V, for instance 1 m2 x 10 m/s and the flow volume is 10 m3 / s.
  • Less trivial case is if you know area of your outlet, you can use Result control > Surface data and assign your outlet.
  • Third opportunity is, once simulation done, you can use Solution fields visualisation, create a Cutting plane, define the Scalar (in my example air velocity in Y axis):

In the small popup (right lower corner), you will find Surface Area and Integral. This would allow to calculate the flow.

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