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FEM - 'contact' issue


I am trying to analyse the strength of pins used on a tool to loosen a holder:

In red you can see the tool, which has 3 pins. In blue is the holder.

The holder is fixed in place. The tool rotates by applying a torque on the nut and I want to find out the stresses on the pins when applying the torque.
So far so good.

However, when I look at the analyse results, I see that the pins just move straight through the holes of the holder, although in reality the pins should bend/break. Contacts between the pins and holes were defined and I can see that there are deformations on the pins. There do not seem to be any stresses on the holes though.

Does anyone have an idea what might be the problem?

Hi there, this is Fillia, thank you for using the forum :slight_smile:

Did you also try to send an image where the tool appears in red?

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This is the holder:

This is the tool:

Thanks for the assistance.


Kindly refer to this documentation page that goes through interpenetration with penalty coefficient, and usual troubleshooting steps. The last section (on Lagrangian contacts) is also insightful for your particular problem.


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