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FE Static analysis with imposed displacement


In a static FE analysis instead of imposing a load at some specific locations on the geometry, would it be possible to impose displacement and get the required load at these locations as a result?

Many thanks


Hi @ade_montgros!

This is possible and you could use the Remote Displacement for example. If you want to dig a bit deeper into this Boundary Condition make sure to check out the following posts:

If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Happy Simscaling!


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Great thanks. I will have a look

I have read up on the remote displacement bc but still struggle how I can get the required force where I apply the remote displacement bc:

would you use topological entity sets?

Any help would be really appreciated

I think I managed to get what I wanted by getting the face calculation output to output the sum reaction force on these two faces. does that make sense? Does that effectively correspond to the integral of the force applied to these two surfaces?

Hi @ade_montgros!

What you can do is create a remote displacement for each face respectively and defining the remote point at the center of your face (you can get the coordinates from a CAD program of your choice and check with a new geometric entity Point). If you like the sum of reaction forces you created as a result control item is something like an integral formulation. When doing the same procedure in Paraview you would have a single node as far as I know and would have to pick each one individually which is kind of annoying and a finer mesh would give you different results because each node is “receiving” a different force because it gets split up.

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