FAQs on Drone Simulation

While doing task 2 meshing, I am getting messages in event log like - “Illegal triangles were found…”, “The tesselated surface is not closed…”
Will this affect the mesh quality?

Hey @gurav_harsh ,

did you try meshing it a second time? Because I did not get any errors while meshing. Maybe give it another try and see what it does.

Good luck!


Hi @jousefm

Here’s the public link to that project: https://platform.simscale.com/?publiclink=b30ef4be-6014-4481-88b3-c64fd57ee87d

It has three simulations as I thought that it may vary with the iteration but it didn’t.

I have just read from @Milad_Mafi that it may be an issue with the boundary conditions so i’ll check them out again and the whole thing as well.

Thanks a lot for the help!


Hey Gurav,

don’t care about this event log. As long as you are uploading a STEP/IGES file the tessellated surface should be fine.



Having error while adding boundary conditions.


could you clear your web browser’s cache and try again? The error should then disappear!


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Is it ok to stop the simulation process once we reach satisfying parameter convergence (in order to reduce core usage)? Thanks

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. This is also the reason why you should keep an eye on your simulation and don’t leave it on its own. Set higher Maximum runtime and control convergence. Then, when you decide it reached expected level simply stop the run.

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Hey guys and hi @nikuradse ,

did you solve your problem so far? Just came home so I could not answer as fast as always :smile:

Cheers mate!

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Hi there, thank you for very nice tutorial so far

After uploading homework to the site I did not receive any receipts or confirmations. I guess it currently is supposed to be so, but I suggest that the site would create an autogenerated mail or something like that. I mean, just to make sure that the homework has been received


Hey there @jousefm

Nope, I checked the boundary conditions as well as the whole thing. Corrected the third decimal in the rotation center wich appears on one screencap but not on the text, and still the same results.

I think that I looked at this for too long and I can’t see the forest for the trees, so I hope the rest of the homework are okey.

Thanks for the help anyway!


we just implemented a confirmation email :smile:



Great, that was fast :slight_smile:

For the next time start a little bit earlier and we can discuss much more :grinning:

Good luck for the next part mate(s)!

Hello to everyone,

At the same time, let me send my greetings and thanks a lot to Milad - SimScale for letting me participate in this fabulous workshop.

Right now, I don’t feel well because I missed the second session of the web seminar that was at 4 p.m. CEST - Central European Summer Time. I live in Cochabamba - Bolivia and I did not take into account 6 hours in the schedule time.

I really wanted to attend the seminar and I was excited as well. Is there any way to do it again? … Of course, not interrupting your job time. Thank you.

Fortunately, it will be recorded but I think it could be not the same.

Kind regards,

Hi team,
I can’t open the session 2 tab on home screen to solve homework. Isn’t it uploaded yet?

Hi Gurav,

we just opened the session 2 tab!

Have fun!

Hey @Milad_Mafi my friend :smile:

Just submitted my homework. Can you look if you received my stuff? Would be cool.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!


EDIT: You get a confirmation that you have submitted your homework!!! Did not know that. Sorry folks!

I want to calculate the volume of drone we used for drop test and then want to know its mass. How can I?