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FAQs on Drone Simulation


This is the place where you can find answers and ask any questions you might have about drones simulation.

Also, all the frequently asked questions answered during the Drone Workshop’s sessions will be published here.


Q #1: Is the workshop free?

A: Yes, the workshop is completely free and all drone professionals and enthusiasts interested in learning to use simulation for their designs are welcome to join. No costs or requirements, just prizes for the ones who are active!

Q #2: Do I need to have experience with computer simulation to join the Drone Workshop?

A: All of you interested in the topic, regardless of the experience you have with simulation, are welcome to join the workshop. We structured it in 4 sessions so that we will cover as many aspects as we can to help all the participants get started with simulation for their own designs. The organizers are open to help, the forum is a great resource to get advice from the other participants and you can also find free learning resources provided by SimScale.

Our tip: it is useful to go through the Get Started Video Trainings to get used to the platform.

Q #3 What is the structure of the workshop?

A: The workshop contains 4 sessions, one per week:


Hi, I’ve just subscribed to the drone workshop, but I realised that I won’t be available between 4 and 5 pm for two sessions. Is that an issue, or can I catch up the class later after its diffusion ?

Many thanks.


Hi Olive,
welcome to the forum!

In the case you can not make it to the webinars, you can watch the recordings of the sessions which we will provide. This should allow you to work on the homework assignments.




Hello, I have tried registering for this workshop but every time I enter my Simscale email and password I get the following message.

"Please make sure that you already have SimScale account and then try again.

Please note that you can only register with an existing SimScale account which you can create for free here ."
Can someone help me out with this?

Thank you!


Hi Christopher,

thank you very much for your post.

Did you use the same email address to register for the webinar, which you have used to signup on SimScale?




Hello Milad,

Yes, I used the same email address that I use to access Simscale.

I hope you can help.



Hi Christopher,

We fixed the signup for your account. You are now able to register using your email address.




Can I download the recordings of session afterwards? I am also unavailable for 2 days.
Is this workshop includes the CAD modeling of all parts? Cause I need practice for that also.

I didn’t receive a confirmation mail after registering.
my mail id is


Hi Gurav,

as already mentioned we will provide the recordings of the webinars. Due the limited time the workshop will not include the CAD modelling of the parts. But I would recommend you to check out

Your registration was successfully and we sent out the conformation email on 4:57 PM CEST. Can you please check your spam folder? In the case you did not receive the email please send me a message.




Fellow Engineers,

my colleauge @rszoeke prepared a nice simulation of a drop test which we will discuss during the third session of the workshop :smile:

Have fun!


Then where can I get all the CAD details? Parts, dimensions etc.



here is the link to the CAD model which you can also find on our website:




The workshop will be awesome :smile:

@Milad_Mafi : So do we have to download the model(s) in order to do our homework?

here is the link to the CAD model which you can also find on our website:

Thanks for your help and cheers!


Hey Jousef,

nice to see you here!

You don’t need to download the CAD model in order to do your homework. We will provide you with an public project link which you can import to your SimScale workspace after every session. Therefore no CAD tool is necessary!




Thank you @Milad_Mafi for your fast reply! Much appreciated!




I have a question about the Webinar today. Do I have to install the GoToWebinar?
Thank you very much!


Hi @Iria ,

I think you have to. I just started another computer and YES I had to run GoToWebinar.exe .

Hope you join in a few minutes :smile:




Yes @Iria you have to run the .exe. Hope you managed to attend!



Thank you very much!
Yes, I managed to attend!
Very interesting!
Looking forward to make the homework!