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Use another simulation or run for initial conditions


It would be really handy if I could use previous results as initial conditions, the reason is my simulation crashes at 0.35s and I need to do solver alterations to get it past this point. However to get it to 0.35 it takes a day to get to this point so would be handy to just start at say 0.33s and run from there? obviously it would need to be the same mesh but could specify a start from time, a simulation and run and a time step to initialise from. This would save me a lot of sim time :blush:

I think you can do it in open foam (I’m no open foam expert I just red it on CFD online).

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch

Extend runtime limit while the job is running

There’s a lot of value in being able to put previous results as initial conditions for other reasons like faster convergence when running from a turbulence model to another. I believe this will be coming eventually to SimScale.


Hello @1318980 and @oscarcorripio,

I agree with the value of such options! I would consider them rather as two different features. What you mentioned Darren is what we call a concept of run pausing/continuation, which should allow you to pause jobs, re-start them and also continue them once they are finished by defining a new simulation time limit. When doing this some options of the simulation setup should be changeable as you mentioned e.g. numeric settings.
What you mentioned @oscarcorripio would be more powerful, but also a bit more complex as it should be possible to initialize for example the velocity and pressure field in the fluid domains in a conjugate heat transfer simulation with previous results of an incompressible flow that you might have done as a first simple approach to the problem you are facing. This can be very interesting for boundary conditions as well as you might want to define a pressure boundary condition in a solid mechanics simulation based on a previous flow simulation. As the concept is so powerful and helpful we are already investing in these connectivity topics, but it will certainly take some time. Stay tuned though!

Best Alex