Exporting finished simulations


I’m having trouble exporting a finished simulation in SimScale. I can’t click the download button for some reason, and with the academic plan I have, I can only make private projects. Is there a way to fix this?


Hello @william_miller , and thanks for posting your question on the Forum!

Which analysis type are you using to download the results? Could you please also share a link to your project so we can investigate the issue?


I’m using the Subsonic analysis type. I’ve also attached the project link.

Hello again William, could you please share the project with support or make it public? Thanks!

How do I share the project with you? I can’t make it public and I don’t know what your email address is

Hello William, you can share the project with support by clicking the share button on top left corner. For more information please see here.

Thanks. I shared it, the project is called Fan 3.

Thanks for the reply William - I just wanted to make sure that we’re on the same page about the analysis.

I kindly like to inform you that downloading the results from a Subsonic simulation is not yet supported on the platform. As I’m aware the product team is currently working on to release this feature, however the timeline is not determined yet.

Please feel free to have a look at SimScale Product Roadmap to see upcoming features and to also make suggestions. Thanks for the contribution and feedback!

All the best, Kaan

Thanks for letting me know. However, this development is extremely problematic as this simulation only works in the Subsonic analysis type, and if I can’t share these results with my team, then the project that this simulation is a part of can’t progress. Is there a way to change my SimScale subscription plan so I can create public projects, so I can hopefully share it with others that way?

Hello again William! You can share your projects with individuals by using their username. If the project is shared with a community user individually, and that community user creates a copy of the project, it will become public.

Making projects public in professional and academic accounts is not possible to prevent any inconveniences regarding confidentiality.

Thanks, Kaan