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Export a mesh from Simscale to openFOAM



I created a Tet mesh in Simscale and I would like to export it to OpenFOAM to do the simulation.
What I did is:
-Download the mesh from Simscale (.med file)
-Open the .med file in Salome and create groups (inlet, outlet, walls).
-Export mesh from Salome (.unv file).
-Open openFoam and use the command ideasUnvToFoam.

The problem is that when I use the command ideasUnvToFoam it gives me an error.

Can someone help me, please?




Hi @dalfo!

Have you converted the mesh with face groups? If so please try it without the groups and let me know if ideasUnvToFoam still throws an error. Here is a script that you can use for conversion: salomeToOpenFOAM with the corresponding Salome thread: Salome Mesh to OpenFoam.

Tell me if that helps! All the best!



HI @jousefm!

I tried without creating the face groups and it works. And then to be able to define the faces ones I converted it to openFoam, what I did is to change the default names in the file boundary.

Thanks very much for your help!