Error-Machine run Out of Memory

While running the simulations, it shows error as machine ran out of memory. I have shared my project and its link is mentioned below:
Can you suggest me the mesh value so that this error doesn’t occur?
And please help regarding other changes like number of cores ,type of solver to be used etc.
The size of an assembly is (1m* 0.5m *0.5m).
Around 40% contacts are sliding contact rest of is bonded one.
Geometric Behavior- Non Linear Analysis
And now I am currently using Academic Plan.


I think you will be able to simulate your model as it is, with the current mesh, if you use Static simulations, one for each load case.

May I ask, why are you using a Dynamic simulation?

Sir, in actual condition gantry tool is moving at certain speed along axis. So position of load is varying with respect to time. By considering practical condition of machine we are using Transient structural analysis.
So exactly what is reason of this error “out of memory”?
And Sir my second question is weather we can use modal analysis for this assembly and could you help me with understanding modal analysis in Simscale.

Hi, and sorry for the late reply.

The ‘out of memory’ error is caused because your model is too big for the community account. Please try to reduce the size of the mesh or selecting less number of steps in the output field in order to be able to complete it.

For information on the modal analysis, which here is called Frequency analysis, please refer to the following page:

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