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I have designed a go kart and i want to know how the air flows around it, each time i press on the run simulation button i get the message "A setup with 146 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please make sure that all regions except for one have an Advanced Concept assigned to them” how do I fix this problem,

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Hi Will!

Please include the link to your project so I can have a look at the setup and find out the source of the error.

kart1 | Automotive | SimScale

Thanks for the link.

The error is caused by the parts representing the kart being present in the model. For the aerodynamic simulation, the model can only contain the part representing the flow region.

After creating the flow region, you should delete all the parts representing the solids, with the Body - Delete operation in CAD mode.

On the other hand, I noticed that your model contains some surface parts that could not be automatically converted into solids during the import process. This non-solid parts will create problems in the creation of the flow region and in the simulation, thus you need to fix them or convert them into solids before import.

Also, I suggest you to simplify the model by removing small details that are not relevant for the global aerodynamics.

Please use this tutorial as a guide on a good level of detail and aerodynamic simulation:

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