Error Code: 9ec0a8f1 - Revit Model Upload

I received this error message once it has finished uploading the Revit Model.

An unexpected error occurred. Retrying might produce a successful operation. If retrying does not fix the issue, please reach out to our support team.

Error Code: 9ec0a8f1

Hi there,
Thank you for reaching out to us!
SimScale supports REVIT format for CAD uploading.
Have you followed the step-by-step instructions from our page on Exporting Revit to SimScale?


That is exactly what I have done and the ErrorCode pop upload after uploading.

Can you share your project link?

It seems working importing as STL. it is going through the Facet-split step.

To control the facets fully, toggle off Facet split on import and split the STL outside of SimScale by putting it to different STL files and upload everything as a zip file. The files will be translated as solids and the STL-solids will be translated as faces.

Also, have you tried importing the CAD model in other formats? Here is the list of all supported CAD options.