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Error code: 5a92ede7


I was trying to run a simulation of an f1s car, so I had to extract the external flow volume. During the process, it returned with this error:

How can I fix this issue?

Here is the link to my project:


Hey Manomay,

I think your model needs some cleanup. To begin with, two interference are detected:

This can be cleaned as per the instructions in the pop-up.

But the issue preventing the creation of the flow region seems to be related to small faces in the model, the first one being in the nose cone part. Please also use your CAD to cleanup all those small faces and then try again.

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Hey ggiraldof,

I tried the boolean function to clean up the model. I also tried the fix interferences button. But the issue seems to not be fixed since the Flow Volume extraction is not working


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Did you try to clean up the small faces?

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I don’t really understand what small faces are or what the small faces error is. How do I fix it?

Small faces have very small areas and create sharp corners, which is difficult to handle for the meshing and solving algorithms.

Deleting this small faces is referred to as ‘cleaning’ the model. You can achieve this in your CAD program.

Oh I see, it would not be possible for the small faces to be removed in CAD mode, would it?

You can use the ‘Delete face’ operation, please refer to: