Error Code: 41c748c8

Was trying to upload an .stl file for CFD simulation. File uploaded and got to the “sowing” stage and then got the error code. Files about 600mb and is made up glass beads.

Hello @rbrittain ,

From the description (and also the CAD size), it sounds like this geometry is incredibly complex. What kind of simulation are you intending to run, more specifically? I’d expect an operation timeout for a file as large as this one.

Furthermore, remember that community accounts have access to 16 cores maximum, and running an incredibly detailed model may lead to memory issues.

If you can post some images from the CAD geometry, that would be very helpful!


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Hi Ricardo, thanks for getting back to me. Its a x-ray tomography scan of some small glass beads surrounded by resin (the resin has been segmented/cropped out leaving just the beads behind). I want to run a basic water flow sim through the beads. I’m guessing I will have to crop down model

I am pretty new to CFD and havent had any formal training so most of what I am doing is guess work!

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No worries!

As a side-note, two important things to be aware of:

  • CAD models for CFD should be solid, watertight parts. Sheet bodies are not desired, and can cause a number of issues. I’m mentioning this mostly because your model is likely a complex .stl (from the description).
  • It would be best to import directly the flow region (i.e. the negative representation of the solids, where the fluid domain will be). It’s possible to obtain this in SimScale with flow volume extraction operations, but then again, the CAD model sounds very complex.


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ahhhh so I should upload the resin portion and not the glass beads (long story short I am using it as a very very basic analog for sandstone, where the beads are the sand grains and the resin is pore space)