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Error code: 3d1853dd

Hello, I’m trying to make an strutural simulation of an assembly, I put all the geometries and the assembly (all with SolidWorks extensions, .sldasm or .sldprt) on a file and compressed it to .zip. However, I’m getting the message: “Error code: 3d1853dd” when i upload it. I tried changing everything to .step but got the error: “Error code: 2dea3310”. Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance for the support!


Please send me the URL to your project so I can have a look.

Here is the link:

Hi again,

As the project is empty, it is not possible for me to find or reproduce where the error is.

Is it possible for you to send me your CAD model, maybe the problem is there.

Also don’t forget to check this documentation page on the proper CAD preparation for simulation:

I was able to solve your problem, by getting rid of the folder in the ZIP file. All CAD files should be at the root of the package. Also, do not forget to select SolidWorks file type in the upload dialog.

Check the linked page in my last post for future reference.