Error Code: 28bc6a83 Error occurs when importing STL

So, i was importing my STL model of a rocket into SimScale. I got the following error:

An unexpected error occurred. Please contact support for assistance.
Error Code: 28bc6a83

I also tried turning off all the optimizers, and it didn’t help… I don’t really know what to do now except post here.

Project link:

Hi @mavridismarko,

Thanks for posting your question!
There are many possible causes for this issue (corrupted file, incomplete file, large file size etc). So in this case could you please try to convert your file into another generic one (.stp or .igs)? Jut in order to test. Otherwise, if it doesn’t work, please contact me via chat where you’ll be able to send me this file, and then I’ll take a close look at that.

Please let me know if this sounds good.


Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I tried both of these file types and neither of them worked… is there a problem with the fact that it’s exported in blender (modeled in blender, exported as STL)?

Hi @mavridismarko,

Sorry for the long delay. Could you please share this geometry via cloud (e.g.: google drive link) to give me the chance to take a close look at that?



Just as an additional comment (and also to reiterate @goncalves’s comment, the stl format tends to be the worst one for simulations (except for Pedestrian wind comfort / Incompressible LBM).

So if at all possible, the best approach is to export the CAD model in a different format. If stl is the only option, then the CAD model needs to be cleaned, which can be done in specialized tools (e.g. Rhino, MeshMixer, etc.).