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Editing tutorial CAD files for CFD analysis

Is it possible to export the CAD file for the non-return valve model in the tutorials, ideally as an STL file, then edit it and reimport it for a new CFD analysis (with the new geometry)?
Alternatively, is it possible to edit the CAD file within Simscale, and use that new model?

Hey there!

You can download the original CAD using this button:


You can not select the format, and you will get the original one. But, hopefully you will be able to import the file into your CAD and make the edits you want. Be aware that STL is not recommended for solid geometries, and you will get better results if you use a solid interchange format such as Parasolid, STEP, Iges, or your native CAD file (Solidworks, Inventor, etc.)

On the other hand, what changes do you need to perform? Have you tried doing them in the CAD Edit mode?

Simscale didn’t seem to let me edit the model in CAD mode, but I am not experienced with it, so I may need to be more perseverant.
Essentially, I wanted the students to be able to edit the internal geometry of the valve body to reduce , or even eliminate, the recirculation that is suggested by the CFD solution.

The CAD Edit mode will allow you to perform minor changes, just like removing features or moving faces. If you need to perform larger edits, like adding features, then you need to move to a dedicated CAD tool.

A list of available operations in the CAD Edit mode can be found in this page: