Edge error on meshing

I have done a meshing and simulation on this 3d model without errors. CAD file without error

I just modified it a little bit, I removed some volume and now I have a meshing error.
" The meshing failed on the following entities: edge275@Cavité nasale. The exact position is printed at the end of the Meshing Log."
It seems that this error comes from an edge but when I click on the edge link nothing happens, so I don’t know which edge is problematic.
Any thoughts?
CAD file with error

Hello aurerum,

It might be that due to the change you have made the geometry got invalid for the meshing process. Please have a look, especially at that section and see if you can find any faults in your CAD Model.

You can find some basic tips on how to prepare your CAD here:

I would also suggest you to simplify the model a bit further for example the face highlighted here is very small and might lead to some issues during meshing or simulation.

Best regards

Ok thank you for your fast reply, I will try to simplify it a bit.