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Earthquake wall analysis


I am an architecture student in NTUA, Greece.
I am trying to assess the structural integrity of an interlocking stone wall in the case of an earthquake.
I am new in SImscale and I would like to learn how to set up the boundary conditions and loadings for my case study (attached in link below).
Could anyone help in setting up my project, or is there a step by step tutorial about earthquake simulation for Simscale ? (because I haven’t found anything for begginers).

Thank you

Hello there, this is Fillia (also from NTUA :grin: )
Have a look here: Applications of Finite Element Analysis in Civil Engineering

Unfortunately there is no earthquake analysis tutorial, however, you can check the harmonic analysis that enables the user to simulate the steady-state structural response of solids applied with periodical (sinusoidal) loads (The results are frequency-dependent):

Or you can give this public project setup a try:

Let me know what you think. And if any other users have tried to perform an earthquake analysis in the past, feel free to share your insights!

Best regards,

HI Fillia ! (Geia sou!)
Great to find someone from NTUA.
I was thinking of analyzing earthquake in axial forces but I believe your recommendation is better.
I will try the harmonic analysis and let you know.


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