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Duplicating Contact Pairs

Selecting contact pairs has always been a bit cumbersome in FEA… Of course an auto generate contact algorithm would be great, but in the mean time can we just duplicate a given contact pair? This would save a lot of time in the example of a Printed Circuit Board with surface mount components, where one of the contact pairs (the top of the board, or example) is common throughout. Thanks!

Hello @fastwayjim,

Have you tried the Topological Entity Sets?

This are useful to give a reasonable name to the surfaces and reuse them through the simulation definition, for example:

Hope this helps you.

I have, thank you!

It definitely saves some time during selection, however I first made the mistake of creating them in the Geometry instead of the Mesh. Ugh.

I really, REALLY, wish there was a parametric tie between the Geo and the Mesh in Simcale. For those that use Simscale as a “design tool”, and thus plan on many geometry changes, it is critical to have that link.

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@fastwayjim, great input - keep those suggestions coming.

  • Could not agree more on how valuable associative topology handling will be! It’s very high on our priority list and we’re working aggressively on it! Stay tuned on that one!
  • Duplication of contact constraints should be fairly simple enhancements - I’ll check if we can bump this up in priority. In fact duplication of boundary conditions will be release shortly

Awesome! Can’t wait!

Okay, nevermind. Just a learning curve issue on my part… I just created a single contact set with many slave surfaces, using the board top as the master (per the electronics tutorial, duh!).

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