Defining boundary condition of operable windows

I’m trying to simulate the thermal condition of an existing room with a fan coil unit and operable windows. Although there is an HVAC system, the ventilation is not forced and users are ale to change the thermostat as well as open or close windows.
My question is how to define the inlet and these windows?
My guess is to define the fan coil inlet as “velocity inlet” with a volumetric flow of 0.1 m3/s and the part of windows that are open as “pressure outlet” with a fixed gauge pressure of 0 Pa and the part that is closed as “wall” with the specifics of the glass material.
Is this the right approach?

Thanks for your help in advance. :slight_smile:

Hello etaghiloo,

Yes that would be the right approach though I would suggest setting the open part(surface) of the window as a natural convection inlet-outlet. Since you don’t really know if there will be in or outflow.

Best regards

Thanks Sebastian! The “natural convection inlet/outlet” sure is a better choice.