Define the boundary condition

gas jet shell | SimScale Workbench

I have no idea to define the boundary in the gas jet model.

Hi there, please add some information about your project, as well as some screenshots. What exactly do you wish to simulate?

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Thank you for your reply.
My idea is inject Mach 1 gas through the nozzle.
The initial diameter of nozzle is 100 um,
and it expand to 300 um,
then there is cylinder to form a shock wave.

Great, then you will need to extract the flow volume from your model in CAD mode:

Then you will have to delete the body because, for the compressible analysis type, only the flow region must be used. Otherwise, the simulation will not start.

Then replace the geometry in your simulation, and assign the boundary conditions accordingly.

Keep in mind that our solver works well up to Mach ~ 0.7, so maybe you want to consider lowering the velocity if you can not achieve successful results with good meshes.

Also, you can use my project for reference, or just copy it:

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Really…Wonderful service. thank you.

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