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|| Dale's Feature Poll - Reorder project tree items 🙏


As some of you know I am boycotting this forum’s Vote for Features Category for the reasons given here.

I have found a new way that I will use to at least try to have a voting system that has meaning to me. If the folks at SimScale would like to use my polls in determining their ordering priority list for new features they are welcome to do so.

I will post my feature suggestions that anyone can vote on only once (I think) in a number of topics here whos title always starts out with ‘Dale’s feature request’ followed by a short description of the requested feature. That way I can always search for all the feature requests I have made.

In the 1st post of each request will be a poll and the request details can be discussed in the topic. If there is already a Vote for Features Category for my request I believe my poll is still more relevant than the forum ‘Vote for Features Category’ since the number of my feature requests which you can vote for is not limited.

This is my first poll:

  • I would like to be able to easily re-order a projects ‘tree’ items, like ‘geometries’, ‘simulations’ and ‘simulation runs’.
  • I do not see the need for this.

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Thanks for starting this Dale,

let’s see what other users think. @dusan had a similar idea in this post here.




Reply, yes I saw that but they are not the same and would prioritize that one lower (I would vote for that too :slight_smile: )