Cyclic power source in CHT applied to a face

I have a heat exchanger that I want to apply a Power source to two different faces, 23,000watts, 3 seconds on, 8 seconds off.

The “Absolute Power Source” under Power Sources (Advanced Concepts) in CHT2 only seems to allow for the entire body, nor does it allow for cyclic loads.

I want to apply this energy for the 3sec on, 8sec off and see what the steady state temp is (assuming it doesn’t melt first (set by “Field Limits” in Numerics).

Hi FMiuser,

thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.

As you want to assign the power source to the faces I would recommend assigning a turbulent heat flux foxed power source as described here:

In addition, as in a steady-state simulation time is not considered, I assign the average power of the 23kW for each second. So 2.09 kW should be the equivalent power source.

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