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Cutting simulation using Johnson-Cook damage model

I needed some assistance in orthogonal cutting simulation and finding forces acting on the tool body. I Want to know can i perform this type of simulations in simscale, as i didn’t found any similar template in public library

Example video:

Hi @ojagtap!

Very interesting project indeed. I’m pretty sure it could be done but I’m thinking about how to maintain the results after say the first impact of the tool and build on that result after that as time progresses.

The Solid Mechanics people here should be much better equipped to help you. @jousefm Any ideas on this or who to call?

Side question though, is your reason for not performing this locally on Abaqus because of computational cost or the lack of software?


Hi @Get_Barried & @ojagtap!

Interesting project indeed and I also did this cutting simulation myself in Abaqus 2-3 years ago along with setting the Johnson-Cock model & parameters inside the software - unfortunately I lost my input file :confused:

However this type of simulation (taking into account element deletion) is not yet possible inside the workbench. What I would recommend though is posting your query inside the Vote For Features section of the forum.



ya both actually :sweat_smile: I have access to only student version of abaqus right now so I cant exceed 1000 nodes there plus I dont have enough computing power to do it on ansys its taking a lot of time for every simulation.

Thanks for suggestion :wink: Hope we would be able to do it on simscale workbench soon :star_struck: .

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Hi @ojagtap!

Ah a shame. For my university they do have fully licensed Abaqus available. Did you try asking your school or a friend in a university to help you out?

I will be working on Abaqus soon but more for composite laminates so I’m afraid at the moment I’m unable to run it in Abaqus for you.

Hope you find a solution!