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I have to know is there any possibility to see the animation. If it is there, how to record the animation video. Please let me know

How to create an animation in post processing
Simulation Runs as a video file?

Hi @sgowda,

you could use ParaView or an OpenSource application called Salome:

In Paraview you simply load the .vkt file \rightarrow Tools \rightarrow Python shell \rightarrow Click Run Script and chose the Python File.

For more details concerning the Salome-Meca usage also see:




Hey @sgowda!

For CFD, please follow offline post processing video here: Post-Processing Webinar Recordings (The animation in the video can only be made like this since the analysis was steady state)

For FEA, please follow this forum post: Beckham’s rocket kick clocked at 97.9 mph - crossbar impact Part 2: Post-Processing ⚽

Hope this helps. If you have any question/s, feel free to ask.



@afischer posted an animation a while ago in a workshop thread. Hope that helps a bit.


Thanking you jousefm. i will help me a lot


Thanking you ahmedhussain18. i will help me a lot


Nice animation jousefm, i am a graphic designer and video animator working in graphic design firm where i create custom animated videos and currently learning the CAD software’s like rhino and sim scale.