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Simulation Runs as a video file?


Does anyone have any video files of their simulation runs? I’ve seen some fantastic projects, hammer head sharks wing suits, sports cars, motorbikes, footballs…

Any suggestions on how to get hold of these?



Hi @shinisomara,

you can either browser some Public Projects (some projects have GIFs in their description) or download the Result Files of the simulation you like and use Paraview as your post-processing tool.

Where to download results:

Please also consider the following threads:

Let me know if that helps.




Thanks for your reply. I tried to download Paraview, but my MacBook, would not give me permission to download software that was not purchased from the App store!


Hi @shinisomara,

You could run a virtual machine on your Mac in order to install Paraview.




Hi @shinisomara, you can bypass this on the mac (I have paraview on mine) your probably on a setting that stops you from directly running the app however if you find it in ‘finder’ and right click and hit open it should run. It’s just a security thing they have set at default, you can reduce the setting or turn it off. I’ll send a screen shot of it when I’m home. The latest version seems pretty stable on mac, I did have troubles in the past.

Kind regards,


Hi there,
I’m using a downloaded version of Paraview on my Mac. Its seems to be working fine now.
Thanks for your reply!