Courant Number Testing

Hello All, I am fairly new to Simscale.
For transient simulations, Simscale gives an option of keeping courant under control. 2 Queries:

  • Can one get the same/ tell if the courant no. is being under 1 for steady state simulations?
  • Also, in case of transient simulations I did get few times a notification, “Courant No. exceeded 1”. If such a warning never pops in SState, should one assume that it never exceeds 1?

Hey Anuj, have a look here: How To Keep the Courant Number Below 1 | SimScale
If the warning does not show, you are good :slight_smile:
For your first question, do you mean that you want to check the Courant number in an incompressible analysis for example?

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Oh thats good to hear. Thanks :slight_smile:
Also yeah for example, in such an incompressible SS Simulation can one check the courant no. aspects as one can in transient?

For steady state analysis, it doesn’t have value, because the time is not real, it indicates loops.