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Hey, I am trying to run my first project on Simscale. I want to do a stress analysis on a 2D STL geometry. Therefore I have to convert the STL file to a STEP/BREP or IGES file. Has someone a good idea how to do so? I googeld a lot but nothing worked for my stl file (for example: doesnt work). Maybe my STL is to “worse”?

This is the link to my project:

Thank you for your help!


Hi Dennis (@dhechler)!

Have you tried OnShape already? You can upload your STL there and try exporting it as as STEP file as STEP is the preferred one being superior in terms of the conversion process to IGES.

Let me know if it works or if you need some help with it!




I tried it now - but when I want convert it to a STEP file there is no part generated (only a mesh), which i cant download. Maybe this doesn’t work for 2D STL files?



Hey Dennis (@dhechler)!

SimScale only allows volume mesh generation at the moment. So you could give your model a specific thickness and mesh it with the Tet-dominant operation.

You can post your feature request on the following dedicated page: Feature Requests

Let me know when you need help! :+1: