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Conjugate heat transfer analysis


i have been working on a simulation for conjugate heat transfer analysis for my accumulator design. although even after successful meshing and start of the simulation, it just stops half way through the simulation with a message " job prepared successfully" and then " an error occured".
where do i find the exact issue for the error


HI @ammunjeananth
IN SIMULATION control, end time and time interval were the same(change it first and set time interval 200).
I think this was the reason for simulation failure. I doest find another problem. (there was no clear message in error box)




To me it looks like cloud memory problem with simulation. Your mesh is quite big (> 9M nodes) and setting simulation on 16 processors could be not enough.




In addition to what the others have said, you have an error with your mesh. Some faces could not be resolved with the current fineness. Although I see you have defined an air region, I can’t even see it in your mesh and you get some very odd looking parts and look how the region of the holes for air flow have turned out. I would do 3 things about your mesh.

  1. Use the automeshing, it works very well plus you can try several different levels of fineness and add refinements if needed.

  2. Replace all those circular holes with square holes of the same area for the purpose of the simulation to make the model easier to mesh.

  3. It looks to me that you are not interested in the heat conduction across the case, if so why bother meshing it? Excluding it will make your mesh a lot smaller. 6.4 m cells is big!