Conical structure fliud simulation analysis

Hi there,

I am trying to simulate flow passing around a conical structure in order to find the lift and drag coefficients as well as vortex formation at the wake. The problem is that I think that my boundary conditions are a bit off, I also believe that the force and moments coefficients are probably not accurate.

I would be really grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction, as I watched a few videos, also a tried to follow the tutorials on incompressible external aerodynamics, but the models are very complex and I definitely cannot relate them to my project.

The link to the project is the following:

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Hi MR,

Thanks for reaching out through the forum!

I would start by improving the following aspects of your setup:

  • Increase the size of the bounding box. Use the proportions suggested in the tutorials for external aerodynamics.
  • You inlet velocity is positive in the X direction, while I think it should be negative given the orientations.
  • Adding a force plot, not only the coefficients, should give you more criteria to evaluate the results.
  • A very important indication of the quality of the results is the convergence of residuals and of the force plots. Please refer to this page for some guidance on this topic: