Comparison between two rotor

i had run thermal analysis on two rotor >they have the same description
transient and non linear ///
they have the same Q per unit volume and h convective heat transfer and same initial temperature
made from same material (steel )
post processing
how can i know which is better in cooling??

Hi @m1234!

First of all you don’t need to perform a transient analysis here. Your analysis is steady state and linear. Also it seems like you have different convection surfaces for both cases. In order to compare the results properly, you may need to consider similar conditions for both.

Since you have done two simulations in a different project, you can’t compare them side by side as easily now. If you want to now compare you can either open two separate chrome windows side by side or download the results and use local Paraview. Please have a look for that in this forum post: FEA post-processing guide (using online post-processor and local Paraview)

Moreover, next time in order to make faster comparison try to create multiple simulations with different design in the same project. In this way you would be able to compare them in the online post processor. Please have a look here: Using SimScale for iterative Product Optimization

I hope this helps. In case of any question/s, feel free to ask.