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Commenting on simulations within a project


I would find it useful for myself to be able to add short comments to a simulation inside a project. I may have a dozen or more of them, based on similar geometry. Each of simulation can also have few instances of ‘runs’, sometimes even partial, but with valid results.

Now, describing those specific conditions, premises for modifying parameters, meshing or whatever on the project page is near impossible.

Hence the idea of having a small ‘text’ pad attached to a simulation, where one can comment and elaborate on insight one had when running that simulation. Definitely I would do it for my simulations, if I could. :man_student:

Frequently, when looking into other projects (they may be tutorials or examples of setup support is pointing to), I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the author did and why.


Hi Andrzej!

There is already something on the roadmap so stay tuned :wink:




Hi Jousef: Am I seeing the future? :space_invader: Not perfectly, as I should also see incoming implementation. In meantime I put ‘FlowTo100Time20Sec10SecNoFlow’ (as an example in a title of run or simulation). It helps. :thinking: