Collision Sim

So I’ve been trying to find a crash sim/crush sim/bullet impact. A car crash, anything sim on SIMSCALE but all the ones I find don’t run when I hit simulate. Just nothing moves.
I was wondering if it would be possible to create a realistic impact in this CAD software

For example a bullet hitting a armor plate at a angle and so on.
I can’t find any free CAD software that can do this and it looked like this one could but I’m starting to think it can’t do what I am looking for sadly.
I need help and simply seeing if it’s possible to do stuff like this in this for free.
Thank you for your time


I don’t think there is a tutorial specifically for bullets, however we do have this step-by-step tutorial for an impact attenuator.

It should contain all the necessary steps to setup the simulation, as well as some post-processing videos at the very end.


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Hi @gpuppy,

Really good question!

In general, if you are looking to model a bullet bouncing off of a surface the above tutorial is great to follow and should work for you. If you want to analyze a bullet penetrating a material that is something Simscale can not do. This type of analysis requires an element type (or failure criteria) that is able to disconnect elements from there neighbor elements when they reach the failure criteria.

If you would like to see this feature you can always add a feature request.

Good Luck!

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Do you possible know any free/cheap CAD software that can would have the failure criteria in it?

Something that can do this

Hi @gpuppy,

The only software I have used that can do this is Abaqus or LS-Dyna which was bought by Ansys last year.

LS-Dyna used to have a free version of the software since it came out of Livermore National Labs in the US. You may be able to search the internet for an old free version. If you are a student you can check with either Abaqus or Ansys to see if they offer a student license.

A quick web search turned up but i don’t know anything about it.

Good Luck!