Cold plate conjugate heat transfer analysis

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At steady state the water will take all the heat from the plate and increase the temperature overall.

But, if you want a smartish idiot point of view on this subject, I do not see how a steady flow can take all the heat from the plate, what am I missing? Wouldn’t just some of the heat be transferred? Or is heat flux just a rate of transfer?

Wikipedia to my rescue :slight_smile:

I have got a possible solution for this problem and I want likes on my contest projects in return :joy: :joy:.(just joking)
The DENSITY RANGE in Numerics has to be changed to get the correct answer. @jousefm why doesn’t the density range changes automatically as we change the fluid material? It would be great if that is implemented.

MYdensity contour



My temp contour



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@anirudh2821998 can you check the average temperature of the exit fluid for me real quick? Assuming your inlet is at 293\,\text K, the outlet should average 304\,\text K.

I hope this is all it is because I spent hours last night trying to figure it out.

Yeah it seems to be around 304K from the temp. contour. Do you want an exact value of the area weighted outlet temp??

I just set up an area average in SimScale. It’s all good though, I reran my own sim with the change this morning and got 305\, \text K which is close enough.

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@LWhitson2 @anirudh2821998
Thank you for taking your time and helping me out the results now match my calculations .

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Ani, trying not to beat a dead horse here, but what led you to finding this buried issue?

Hi @DaleKramer
The calculations done by @LWhitson2 made it easy for me to find the parameter that was messing this simulation. In these equations, instead of focusing on the velocity and temp boundary conditions, I focused on the density term(as the outlet temperature was very high, it can be due to a wrong density value, which was set at 2.72kg/m^3, while we required it to be around 997kg/m^3). I checked the density contour from the previous results and found the value to be wrong(you know the rest of the story :wink:).


Wow, impressive reasoning :slight_smile: