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I tried to perform a CHT simulation but I got stuck in mesh generation. How can I “divide” my mesh into solid and fluid parts? The problem I am interested in is basically two concentric cylinders, in which I want to simulate heat conduction only in the external one. There is air between them. I did not find any working case in your library. Is CHT functonallity (chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam solver) really working at the moment?



Hello Lisandro @lisandromaders

We are very close to releasing the CHT functionality on the platform. It will be available in the near future.
Together with it we will provide the meshing workflows and required post-processing tools online.

For the moment, there are two ways you can tackle your simulation:

  1. make the 2-step CHT, meaning that first you make fluid flow simulation, and then apply the approximated results to the solid state simulation. (or the other way around)
  2. you can prepare the case offline, together with the mesh, and then upload it to SimScale in order to use the supercomputer power. More on the case upload here.

Track our SimScale Blog and the webpage for upcoming CHT release information! :slight_smile:


I thought it was already working because of a post in the blog… I am looking forward to this. If there is any beta version I could use to test it first I could do so for you, once I am very interested in seeing this working. Anyway, I will keep waiting!


Lisandro Maders

Hey @lisandromaders, thanks for being interested in helping us test the coming feature. @afischer, can you get in contact with him later? Cheers!

If there is a real possibility of testing CHT functionality of some beta version, I am very interested… If there is not, do you have any idea of when it will be available?

Hello @lisandromaders
The works on CHT are very advanced. At the same time we need to make sure that the feature works properly and fail-free. There will be quite some buzz about CHT release, so I am sure you will not miss it :slight_smile:

@lisandromaders …CHT has arrived! You can find our more in this forum post or on our blog.

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