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Our latest physics feature: Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT)

Conjugate heat transfer

We are happy to announce the release of one of our most requested features, conjugate heat transfer, which will make full modeling of heat exchangers, cooling and heating systems, and many similar applications possible on SimScale.

As the name suggests, CHT couples the transfer of thermal energy between fluid and solid parts of the domain. The introduction of this coupling brings several new applications within the reach of our users.

SimScale users can now simulate heat transfer between several domains by definition of interfaces between them. Heat is then transferred through these interfaces from one domain to the other. There is no limitation on the type or number of domains. Properties of each interface depends on the domain it is associated with. It is therefore possible to have any number of fluid-solid, fluid-fluid, and solid-solid interfaces in one simulation.

Up next

This is only the beginning of our conjugate heat transfer analysis type:

  • We will be hosting a webinar dedicated to CHT in the near future (look for an announcement here in the forum and on our blog)
  • More features will be coming…radiation models are the most imminent.

We’ll keep you updated!