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Changing refrigeration circuit doesn't change outlet temperature


I’ve designed a mould with an injected aluminium inside (considering solid at 1036 ºC). I have made a pipe inside the mould where the water flows acting as a cooling fluid. But, I have found that the design doesn’t affect to the refrigeration. I mean that changing the number of the pipes, the diameter or the speed of the fluid doesn’t affects to the heat variation in the mould or in the nucleus. Also, the outlet temperature doesn’t increase so much although the global temperature of the mould is 90 ºC and the nucleus 1036 ºC. Is this invariability correct or I forgot to change something in simulation?

I think it’s probably about numerics. I have decreased the solid enthalpy tolerance but I don’t know if I must change some other parameters.

I attach some links with some of my designs. Thanksfully.

Hi, this is Fillia!

I suggest you try to refine your mesh first. Adding a boundary layer is also important here:

Adding a region refinement around the pipe could also add more credibility to the results. Let me know if refining the mesh changes the results of the run :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi Fillia,

Thanks for your fast response.

I’ve refinated this area with a region refinement adding a cartesian cylinder. Now I think the mesh is finest than before but the results are equal.

Hi there, are there any updates on this case? If not, I can try some settings myself :slight_smile:

Let me know, cheers!