CFD Spinning Looping Boomerang , Shape Optimisation for Maximum Time on Longest Trajectory

I want to create a competition boomerang which is called as maximum time afloat boomerang.
An boomerang which flies in thermal wind for 300 meters and returns to hand.

I want to software optimize shape of final boomerangs and software simulates the trajectory of flight and cfd helps to simulate the trajectory.

Can simscale do this with free account and how can I do this ? I dont want to draw a shape but I want simscale create from the ground.

I want from simulation to simulate the thermal wind also.

BUT I dont know anything as starting and continue of all above

I want to sure , all near and farfield wakes , vortices , turbulence , flow separation , been calculated and adjusted.

If free account is not enough , please tell me the approximate costs.

If computer designs many designs , it would be better.


Hi Umut!

That should be possible. However you cannot create and optimize the shape explicitly within SimScale but would have to use a tool like Onshape for modeling.

Also the standard CFD incompressible module should be sufficient. I remember that @Retsam did some studies on exotic shapes in the past but not 100% sure. Maybe another veteran (@DaleKramer) can give you some impetus on how to get started. If you use the Google search you can already find some useful studies.



Hi @MustafaUSarac: I respond on explicit @jousefm ‘incitement’, but I believe that in your current mental / physical state:

BUT I dont know anything as starting and continue of all above

you need to split your target in 6 - 10 steps and prepare 1 - 3 months for one step to achieve. First, you need to revise your completely unrealistic target about 300 m flight. Please read about long distance boomerangs here:

Throwing Long Distance Boomerangs.

I learned to throw boomerang in the past, so I know a bit about the way those devices flow and, after long learning, return to your hands. However, simulating it on SimScale is one part and being able to optimise the design is another. I cannot do that for your, but I propose in first step you start to learn about CFD, go to tutorials, study the airfoil shapes and much more.

Once I can discuss with you about your simple CFD simulations, I will be possible able to give more help. For the moment, you need to decide how much time you can spend on that project. If less than 1 year, please do not bother.



Hi Retsam,

Thank you for your helping hand. Do you know Maximum Time Afloat MTA boomerangs ? They are very different from long distance boomerangs. Long distance boomerangs circle around 40 meters but MTA world record is 298 meters and people reports about lot more distance experiences.

World record owner is my friend and I know the all important people in the sport.

MTA boomerangs are stange. When you throw them in normal weather , they fall after 40 meters.

But when you throw them in a thermal hot air current , they follow the thermal whereever it goes. Some people loses their unending flying boomerangs after one hour flight , they follow with motorbike.

I found some company did what I want as a experiment but they selected the shortest range flight.

They used matlab as trajectory calculator , catia as shape changer , siemens as cfd simulator and optimizer software to bridge everything together.

I could use fluent as cfd simulator but gpu cards are very expensive.

Now the question , does simscale have a capacity or ready softwares to do as above 4 softwares?

Are they free or rent for hourly rate. I found a dresden company hpc and they wanted 22 euro per software per hour.

I looked in to simscale drone propeller optimization and it was only for higher lift
, turbulence , wake , interaction of blade tip flow with wake , stall, turbulence creation , lose of lift coefficent by turbulence had not been optimized and told. Shape change was I think comparison of two designs.

If simscale will only optimize for better airfoil lift, its been done with XFOIL free.

And I want the thermal been in the optimization process

Are these simcale can offer and what would be the cost. Cost is very important .

I can offer a 1 year of course but I must know what to offer where.



Sure, but they are like leaves on the wind: they do not return. Distance in that case is just a happy and random event as well as time aloft…

Now, short answer to remaining question is: no. You would need to pay elsewhere high price for shape optimization, and even higher price for thousands of hours of GPU of simulation / optimization.



Hi Retsam,

Thank you for clearing this. My friend from Denmark wants to create his own CUDA code with Particle Simulation and Genetic Algorithm optimization. You are telling thousands of hours of GPU time. Which is better ?

  • to create your gpu program
  • to find student versions of above softwares - catia+fluent or star ccm + matlab + and optimization software and run on cheap cuda card ?
  • run openfoam and adjoint optimization on cheap cuda card

Or do I need to carve a wood until its uv oil coating shows no turbulence - old nasa way - or do I need a small water tank with small particles and 3d camera or small wind tunnel with laser ?

These are the things in my mind.

Or I can carry 298 meters world record breaking mta drawings in to cad and see what happens to streamlines and go from there at simscale ? I can see tip vortex meet with wake and try to distance them.

This last option is promising. What do you think.

My wishful aim is not touch a boomerang but clean hands free optimization on computer but I would be needed to swim or smoke.



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