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CFD simulation for a sailboat design

Hi everyone,

I m a newby user of simScale, i’m trying to design a new rudder for a sailboat, i’ve designed a first draft and i want to test it, i’ve the 3d model in .dwg file formati, how can i implement the simulation?
Unfortunately i’ve no experience with the CFD simulation in water, what turbulence model i have to choose?
Because it is the first rudder i’ve ever designed if you have some tip or suggestion it will be usefu :wink:l, i’ve used a NACA 0020 profile for this first draft.

Thanks a lot

Hi @lottonello - cool project!

First of all it is always recommended to share the project link (if existent) in the post you have created.

Regarding the question of turbulence models you can have a look at this blog post from my friend @ssolmaz: Which turbulence model should I choose for my analyses - it is always recommended though to have some kind of comparison available in form of data or maybe you have a paper that tested this scenario.

If you do not have any experience in CFD I recommend having a look at the following pages:

Let us know if you have any further questions.


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