CFD setting problem
up is the link, the problem of running is the error “A setup with 6 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please make sure that all regions except for one have an Advanced Concept assigned to them.” But I don’t know how to set an advanced concept to the parts except of the flow block

Hi Peter,
Welcome to Simscale, glad you have joined the forum.

I looked at your model and thought you may not have seen this tutorial which is pretty helpful and allows for the situation where you are using another car model. I must say your CAD model is pretty impressive.

Can I suggest;

  • The main problem is the car has not been deleted from the flow volume using the Simscale cad ‘Delete body feature’. It may sound a bit odd to delete the car from the flow volume / ‘wind tunnel’ but that is how to create an appropriate simulation environment.

  • My other main suggestion is to create the flow volume rectangular prism within the Simscale cad environment and follow the tutorial.

  • The other items to consider are to split the car model longitudinally within Simscale cad environment to speed up simulation and ideally, simplify your model to remove small edges as per the embedded doc link within the Simscale Formula Student Car tutorial.

All the best with your future simulation, car looks awesome :slight_smile: