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CFD Analysis - Savonius Turbine

Savonius cad model.

I am new to CFD. I have created the CAD model of savonius turbine (link given above). I want help with mesh creation, what should i do for (pick volumes, pick surface)for mesh creation. (external flow for Savonius wind turbine), simulation designer for various properties like velocity, force, average area scalar transport etc. Can some one create a mesh for this model and do a simple simulation, which i could keep as reference, confused with all the menu, selections.

Pls Help,


Hi @jzachariah_raj!

Very nice application! Do you want to perform a flow induced CFD analysis?

As far as I have seen your geometry had a closed section on one side of the turbine and consisted of three layers. In order to avoid meshing issues I would keep it simple and build it with “one layer”. Could you re-upload your geometry in order to have a closer look at it? Would be great! :wink:



Hi jousefm !
Closed side was removed, Uploaded new geometry file, please take a look!

Hey @jzachariah_raj
Just had a look at your project, I am also working on the same.
You need to modify your computing domain for good results
and need to create a rotating zone.
you can look up for the turbine in public projects, and also can get help from drone design workshop assignment 1.


Thanks a lot for having a look at the proiect @ojagtap!

As he mentioned you need to put a cylinder domain around your model to use Rotating Zones. As soon as you have uploaded an updated model we can proceed with the simulation. Would be nice if you and @ojagtap can work on that and swap some ideas :+1:

All the best and happy SimScaling guys!