CFD analysis of propellar in a Non Newtonian fluid

“The project aims to study the movement of particles in a non-Newtonian fluid agitated by a propeller in a cylinder. The fluid will be mixed with particles and a 110mm diameter propeller will be submerged and rotated. The observation will focus on the nature of particle movement. The experiment will consider fluid properties, propeller speed, size and cylinder geometry. The procedure will involve setting up the apparatus, measuring relevant parameters, and analyzing particle movement data.”
Inorder to simulate this what can be done?

Hello kaviarasan_j_s,

Please have a look at this tutorial on this Pump simulation.
Your setup should be the same except that you won’t assign a flow inlet and outlet condition.

You can find an Article on how to set up a non-newtonian fluid here:

Please be aware that this will not be able to show you the movement of individual particles as with CFD you are solving the fluid inside a volume and not the particles of the fluid.

Please let me know if this helped with your setup.

Best regards

Thank you so much for your helpful suggestion in our project.We’ll definitely be looking into it, and I have a feeling it’s going to take us to the next level! Your help is greatly appreciated.