Can't upload Geometry


Hi @BenLewis,

the issue is being looked into as I write. I’m very sorry for the lost productivity right now - I’ll get back to you asap with a status update.





the problem has been identified + fixed. Everything works normal again and you can continue simulating. I’m sorry for the lost time - we’ll follow up shortly with more information on what happened and how it will be prevented moving forward.




Unfortunately same problem here: IGES/STEP just error out (but STL uploads just fine)

Keep us posted on the progress towards a solution




Hi @MCube78,

this issue has been resolved a long time ago - currently there is no known general issue about the CAD upload mechanism, so it could be a specific incompatibility with your specific model. From which CAD system are you exporting the STEP model?




Hi David, funny I saw April 16 and thought “ha ok I’m not the only one…!” but clearly misread the date format… :-/

To answer your question:
i. I use paraview to generate STLs from VTK data
ii. use FreeCAD to turn them into STEP or IGER [and that’s where the problem is – indeed for a 40M STL I now see that I’m getting only a few kb files].

All of this because when I import STLs straight into simscale it says that meshing is not supported for STL formats. If there is another way to go from STL to mesh usable for FEM please do point me the right way (I am a complete and total newb in total darkness – but I think I could learn a lot from being able to carry out a project with these tools, so…)




Hi @dheiny

I hope you are doing well.

I’m actually experiencing the same issue in uploading any file format (IGS, STP, …etc).
I actually exported the file formats from ETABs 2013 into IGS and STP.

Can you please guide me with this issue?

Anas Cherkaoui


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hello sir can i upload from autocad to simscale


Hi @ofadodun!

The following file formats are allowed:

You can directly import your part files from SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Rhino. It is also possible to upload assemblies in compressed archives (*.zip, *.tar.gz). Stop exporting and start simulating! Find a list of the supported file extensions below:

  • STEP
  • IGES
  • STL
  • *.sldprt SolidWorks part
  • *.sldasm SolidWorks assembly (in compressed archive)
  • *.ipt Autodesk Inventor part
  • *.iam Autodesk Inventor assembly (in compressed archive)
  • *.3dm Rhino part

So if you are able to convert it into one of those formats there should be no problem! Let us know how things go!