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Can't fix floating point exception error

My runs always fail with the error Floating point exception error, I’m running an incompressible so the pressure can be 0. The kinetic energy is non 0. I have no idea how to fix this error. It says to make the timestep small but I can’t find where to do that.
Here is my project:

Any help would be awesome!

I just found it:
Under Simulation

  • Advanced Concepts
  • Simulation Control
  • Delta T (You have it set to 1s)

Hi there, in case of this error, please refer to the following two pages:

  1. Error: Floating Point Exception | SimScale Knowledge Base
  2. Most Popular Errors of Simulation - #3 by jprobst

Best regards,

What is it suppose to be set as?

I tried it, non of the solutions helped.

Hi there, which approaches did you try?

I made sure my pressure wasn’t set to 0
can you check my simulation for me? thanks!

Hi there, have you checked the second link I sent you? There are many approaches listed there, make sure to try these :slight_smile:
I am posting it again: Most Popular Errors of Simulation - #3 by jprobst