Can't continue Run more than once

Good day,

I’m simulating the flow through a duct, to analyse the pressure loss caused by it.
Somehow in the last few days I can’t seem to continue my run more than once, even though the maximum runtime hasn’t been reached and everything seems to be converging.
It’s showing the following error:

Here the link to the project: SimScale

This isn’t the only project I’m working on where this is happening. So it’s either a system error or I have a setup problem.

Looking forward to any help concerning this error.



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Hi Dan, this is Fillia :smiley:
I will have a look and let you know as soon as possible, cheers!

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Hey Dan, I hope you had a good weekend! I am afraid a run can’t be continued more than once.

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Hi Fillia, Thanks for the reply. Would be a nice to have in the future tho :slight_smile:

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Hi again, can you try once more? It should be possible now. Let me know what happens, cheers!


Hi Fillia, Yes, it’s working now. Thank you for making this happen :smiley: