Cannot continue a run

I am trying to use the feature continue run after a run finished. I assume that it would use the result from that run and continue. Someone else has this problem and it was solved Can't continue Run more than once

Regardless the value I put in End time (which I made sure it is larger than the end of the previous run)


Did I understand it incorrectly?

Project link:

Hi yapabox589,
I’ve been extending a few of my simulations today and I’ve had no issues, but they were on simulations that didn’t have an error message. I looked at your numbers for your simulation for the End time of 0.03 & 3,000 both look ok to me.

Simscale are moving towards a different server/use arrangement with the community users, so I don’t know if this maybe having an impact.

Sorry, haven’t got a definitive answer, I think this is one for Simscale engineers/software.

Kind regards

Thanks @TedBurke. I think it is a bug of Simscale. When opening the browser console, it says that it is a bad request for cross origin request. Is it possible to raise it to the IT? I have messaged some of the support engineers.


It appears that the end time currently needs to be an integer, so setting it to “1” should work.

I do foresee this causing trouble for transient runs though, so I’ll log this internally with the team. Thanks for reporting!



Hi yapabox589,
Looks like @ RicardoParis is onto it and has now logged the request for a fix.

That was good idea looking at the browser console, I’ll have to remember that one next time. :slight_smile: