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Can you save restore configuration settings

I’ve created a Beam with reinforcements in Onshape loaded it into SimScale. One thing I don’t see is how to save configuration settings so that I can try different parameters. So right now have a moderate second order mesh and I’d like to next try to use a coarse mesh but it seems to go through and reconfiguure all the various settings. Is there a way to save settings and reuse them within the project and also export them for use with other projects?

Hi Wink!

Glad you are so active on our platform and using SimScale and OnShape in combination ! :+1:

Attached you can see how you Duplicate Meshes and Simulations in the workbench.

Is that what you were looking for?

P.S.: You cannot export your settings yet and use simulation results as an input for other simulations. What you can do is change your Domain (Geometry) and keeping the Boundary Conditions etc. but reapplying the corresponding faces/solids etc. Does that make sense?

Give that feature a vote here please: Export between different projects

\underline{\textbf{Duplicate Mesh}}

\underline{\textbf{Duplicate Simulation}}



Using duplication worked well for making changes to meshes, but didn’t work as well when duplicating a simulation and then wanting to use a different mesh. When switching to a different mesh SimScale reported that the “topology changed” and then proceeded to throw away all “connections” between constraints, materials, contacts and loads and the mesh. It did this despite the new mesh being identical in structure to the old one and contained the exact same solids and faces, only the mesh “propteries” changed.

My simple test project has only 3 solids and 16 faces so this isn’t too hard, but with a more compilcated project this would seem to be a big problem. Is there some other technique I need to use to make this process of converging on the mesh “quality” simpler?

Hi @wink,

I did not forget you! Let me just get in touch with my colleagues and see if there is something on the roadmap for this issue. As you already gave this feature a vote, let’s see how things develop in the future. But I absolutely agree with you. Would make things so much easier!

All the best!