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Simulation Setup Import/Export between different projects

There needs to be a way to move the setup of a simulation from an existing project to a new project.

I have a project that has multiple CAD geometries and meshes as a result of trying different things on the simulation and the CAD itself and because of this, the project is hard to navigate. What is needed is a what to export the simulation design (mesh refinements/contacts/materials/simulation controls/etc) into a new project so you have a clean project with the final simulation and final geometry/mesh


very much agreed - SimScale needs such a functionality. I moved your suggestion to the “Vote for features” section where other SimScalers can vote for and comment on it.




Perhaps it’s good idea but a simple mistake as wrong name of face will disturb all the setup, I think there should be a smart way to export/Import the setting depending on the geometrical location of the faces not their names.

In my opinion, it is much easier to start from scratch than debug for 1 week to identify what went wrong with the setup during copy.


When I imagine the solution to this sort of problem, I keep arriving at this:

  1. Save the Simulation Setup (and its relied upon mesh setup) as a ‘User Workflow’
  2. When the user next calls this workflow they are asked to re-assign the required face sets (it knows the requirement from previous setups)
  3. From that point on everything is automatically assigned, so you run the meshing and after the meshing, Topological entity sets are automatically re-assigned (obviously if the user changes the geometry or mesh setup they will need to modify the entity sets). These are then used automatically in the simulation setup, so all that is needed as an input from the user here is a run creation and start.
  4. When the simulation finishes (successfully) the present post-processing workflow is carried out saving ay required screen shots.

Just food for thought,

my proposal it that it behaves just like the duplication feature within a project. You still have to reassign contacts and materials and the such, but within a separate project and not the same one. What led me to open this topic was a project with 5 CAD models and 6 meshes (trying out different options and setups of the model and mesh to improve accuracy and trying to keep it clear which was the latest version. While I will like to keep the history (so I don’t make the same mistake when I setup a simulation 6 months from now) I would still like to have a clean project with the final CAD/mesh/simulation runs from which I can test other components or bolt on additions